Product features

In agriculture

Plant Bio stimulants: “The physiological effects of chitosan oligomers in plants are the results of the capacity of this polycationic compound to bind a wide range of cellular components, including DNA, plasma membrane and cell wall constituents, but also to bind specific receptors in defence gene activation, in a similar way as plant defence elicitors” ( El Hadrami et al. 2010).

Effect on plants:

Chitosan HC/Agri, ChitosanHC/Turf and Chitosan HC/Doc are products that are completely soluble in water and can be mixed under certain conditions with other products for spraying. They are stimulators of the plant defense system. They cause a number of plant reactions against pathogenic fungi and bacteria that leave place for organisms that live in symbiosis with them. The dosage is very low so as not to disturb this biotope drastically. The products are surface-active and form a film on the leaves and protect them from dew, which under certain circumstances can cause fungal diseases. There is also better resistance to abiotic stress such as frost, dry weather and too high salt content in the soil.

Effect on the biotope:

The overall biotope in the soil is improved, resulting in a reduction of biotic stress on the plants, leading to the disappearance of diseases. The products are polysaccharides (sugars) and also nourish the biological life in the soil for the benefit of the plants.

Effect on non-ferrous metals in the soil.

Traces of non-ferrous metals that have been able to penetrate the soil - for example by chemical fertilizers - are complexed and mobilized, are absorbed by biomass and eliminated after pruning or mowing.

Some characteristics of the ChitosanHC family:

  • Better plant health: The ChitosanHC solution boosts soil biodiversity and helps promote organisms that attack, repel or thwart pathogenic and hostile organisms.
  • Better health of vegetables and fruits: the ChitosanHC solution forms a film around vegetables and fruits so that the penetration of the other products used and their undesirable effects are stopped.
  • Higher survival ratio after transplantation: Stimulation of microorganisms around the roots by ChitosanHC solution results in better absorption of nutrients and allows normal plant development.
  • Higher productivity: The ChitosanHC solution stimulates the appearance of michorizene fungi that live in symbiosis with plant roots and, as a result, cause higher productivity.
  • Seed and seed potato protection: ChitosanHC solution forms a film around seeds and bulbs that boosts sprout quality and protects against disease and dehydration.
  • Freeze Protection: The film of the ChitosanHC solution protects young plants and young fruits from freezing.
  • Protection of leaves against dehydration: ChitosanHC solution forms a film on the leaves that reduces dehydration by 25%.
  • Pre-harvest spraying of vegetables and fruits: the quality and freshness of products are improved by reducing moisture loss, protecting quality in packaging and during storage.


Use an agitator for best results. Add the flakes little by little to the water in a bucket. Adjust the dosage to the volume of the spray tank. Mix and wait 15 minutes for a complete solution. Empty in the spray tank.

  • Plants with foliage or grass: 50 gr. flakes in 200/250 lit. mix in water and spray with an adjusted arrangement on one hectare. In the growth period, repeat every 15/20 days . In hot and humid weather, double dose. In winter, out from snow and frost weather spray on the blades every 6/8 weeks.
  • Seeds: After sowing, spray with 100 gr solution. flakes in 200/250 lit. water
  • Fruits and vegetables: just before harvest, spray with a 100 gr solution. flakes in 200/250 lit. water
  • Plants of potatoes: before planting, the young potatoes bathe in a solution of flakes of 100 gr in 200/250 liters of water.
  • Protection of plants against nematodes: Provide three sprays. The first before planting or seeding, then every two months. Dosage: for one hectare dissolve 150/200 gr in 250/500 liters of water.

* Respect special instructions.