Product features

In the industry

Water purification:Chitosan HC/PRO is a natural product that can be used in place of chemicals. In combination with diatomites, it increases the reactivity and facilitates filtration. It also increases the settling speed compared to conventional products. It also has the advantage of not contaminating the sediment with metal salts. Chitosan HC/PRO has the following properties thanks to its polycationic structure:

  • Adsorbent,
  • Flocculant agent,
  • Coagulant,
  • Soluble in water up to a concentration of 10%,
  • Economically advantageous.

Soil remediation:
Chitosan HC/CHEL can be used for remediation of soils polluted by heavy metals and chlorinated pesticides. Chitosan HC/CHEL, natural product, is used in phytoextraction thanks to its pH stability, its polycationic structure, and its properties are:

  • Chelating agent,
  • Dechlorination agent,
  • Growth stimulant,
  • Surfactant,
  • Soluble in water up to a concentration of 10%,
  • Economically advantageous.

Activation of methane in sludge and waste:
Chitosan/MIX has the property of stimulating the growth of anaerobic bacteria and activating the production of methane in sludge or waste containing organic matter and protected from contact with oxygen. For example, sludge or waste dump. Heavy metals are also complexed and mobilized to the water treatment plant. Polycationic properties play a major role here. The properties are,

  • Activation of anaerobic bacteria,
  • Chelating agent
  • Active Tensio
  • Flocculant agent
  • Economically advantageous