• Alternatief voor pesticiden in tuinbouw

    Xpert4growth brings a new product to the market!

    CHITOSANHC, a Chitosan Hydrochloride with a high reactivity and recognized as BASEPRODUCT by EU.

    A natural product for:

    • Land / Horticulture and Turf Amenities (Golf, Soccer…)
    • Water purification
    • Remediation of contaminated soil


CHITOSANHC is a natural product resulting from a treatment of Chitin, in order to make this highly reactive and soluble in water. (See here the production process)

The product is effective in:

  • Land, Horticulture and Turf Amenities (sport fields) as a stimulator for the natural defensive mechanism of the plants.
  • Water purification as flocculant, adsorbent, surface-active agent.
  • Remediation of contaminated soils by heavy metals and pesticides, as chelating agent and dechlorinating agent.
  • Others….

CHITOSANHC offers many possibilities thanks to its many properties, its natural origin and its reasonable price.