Terms and Conditions, Xpert4growth.

Orders: orders will only be valid after receipt of the purchase order signed by the Seller. Any changes to the terms and conditions and / or offers must be accepted by the Seller and included in the order form.

Deadlines: unless stated otherwise in the sales confirmation, our deadlines are indicative. No compensation will be owed as a result of the non-respect of the announced deadline.

Acceptance: we guarantee the quality and quantity of our services and products. Any absence of verbal complaint upon receipt and confirmed in writing within 8 days prevents any further prosecution against any defects. The buyer will also make the necessary allowances for a contradictory inspection. In the event that the buyer fails to carry out the checks necessary for the receipt of the goods and services, or in case the products are used or sold, the seller can not in any case be designated as responsible for damage 'use. In the event that a supply of goods or services is found to be non-compliant, the seller's obligation will be replacement or payment in return, to be decided by him / herself. No compensation or interest will be owed in any case.

Use: the products delivered are not guaranteed for a use other than that specified.
Precautionary measures: the purchaser will take all necessary measures for the storage and use of the products and services. It shall have the necessary permits and shall be in conformity with the laws and regulations in force.

Transport Damage: In the event of damage due to carriage or incomplete supply, the buyer will make, within the necessary time, any claims with the carrier or its insurer in order to preserve the rights of the parties.

In the event of force majeure: in this case and in general in all circumstances that impede the supply of the goods and services the seller reserves the right to reduce, cancel or stop his service and this without being obliged to pay any compensation. This may include illness, accident, war, mobilization, strike, occupation, breakdown of machinery, fire, freezing, breakdowns during transport, difficulties in supplying commodities, lack of electricity or other measures imposed by authorities.

Insolvency: In the event of a decrease in the solvency of the buyer or as a result of a change in his legal or financial status, the seller reserves the right to cancel or request additional guarantees.

Non-payment: In case of non-compliance with the payment deadline, interest equal to the Belgian inflation rate + 2% per year will be automatically due, without this interest being lower than that of the buyer's country. In case the buyer does not pay all or part of the amount owed, this remaining amount will be increased by 10% as a lump sum compensation with a minimum of 50 euro. Non-payment at maturity gives the seller the right to claim all amounts still owed by the buyer to him. In addition, any orders in progress can be cancelled by fax or mail and without any compensation from the seller.

Ownership: the products remain the property of the seller until the date of total payment by the buyer.

Legal basis: the General Law on International Trade annexed to the Hague Convention of 1 July 1964 shall apply. In this context, the latest edition of the Inco terms is also applicable. The Court of Hasselt is the only one competent to deal with any disputes alleged against the seller. Only the original Dutch text will be the basis for the interpretation of these terms and conditions.